June 15, 2010

Reality 1

I could hear the music blasting through the walls but even though the music was loud, my heartbeats were much louder, to the extent that I felt that my heart is going to jump out of its place.

I was walking as slowly as possible because I was just too damn nervous.

As I carefully approached the big brown doors I started thinking is this really happening or am I just having another bad dream?

Mesha3el: "Jojo 7abeeeeeeeeeebti breathe breathe, your turning blue!!!! Do you need anything?? Joooooooooooouj I'm talking to you, HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Jawaher: "....ha? Ummmm....Mesho is this for real?" I asked

She sighed and said "Yes 7ayati Jooouj it is, I thought we went over this already. 5ala9 jojo just calm down and show me that gorgeous smile of yours because the doors are about to open up and we don't want our guests to think that the beautiful bride is unhappy now do we?"


I just nodded my head because lets face it what else could I possibly have done!

Mesha3el is my bestest friend in the whole wide universe, we have been friends since kg and ever since we have been inseparable.

As the doors were opening up I could hear
rashid's voice singing shaikhat elzainat. I tried to keep my focus on the song in attempt to forget that I am walking to my kosha because rashid's voice always puts me in good mood

As I was walking walking, I felt all the eyes are on me so I immediately started to panic and I felt that I was about to step on my dress and trip.

After what seemed like ages I finally reached my kosha. I was just about to sit but I saw Mesho running towards the kosha "supposedly" to dance but she was actually reminding me that I should stand for a few minutes in order for people to eye me, the bride!

Mesho 5ali9at her dancing ow yatni itboosni ow itbarek le "Joooooooouja esh7alatich wenti labsa wardi, el'9aher mohammed elblooshi kan e'3ani 3alaich youm gal ya labes el wardi wel ward be5doodak"

I couldn't help but laugh at her, I love this girl she always knows how to make me feel better. " Eeeee yuba th7kaaaai, elyoum 56oobtich ow lazim teth7keeen ow tibtasmaain tara enti mu dasha ma3raka enti dasha 3sh elzawjiya methil ma egolooon
you should be happy, '3airich banat mayteeen yaboon yen5a6boun ow ohwa fel akheeer wild 3amich ow shareeech ow akeed ma ra7 eg9ar 3alaich" she said as she smiled

"Allah kareem... Thanks 7abeebty entay doum et3arfeen etray7ini eb kalamich el 3asal. 3oqbal ma afra7 feech enti weli ma5eth 3aqlich eli mo rathya itgoleenli 3ana"

"Ma3ana ma7ad ib bali bas AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN"

Both: hahahahhaha

Hours passed by and I just felt tired from kissing and smiling at people so I signaled for Mesha3el to come to me.

"Mesho 7abeebty plsss golee 7ag omy ini te3abt ow abi amshi'

Mesha3el: "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaish?" Lail7een me ed5law el-reyayeeeel!!!!"

Me: "Eee adri, ohma a9lan ma ra7 yed5loun"

She gasped as she started asking me why

Me: "Meshoooooo ana metafga ma3a omy ow oboy ina ma abi ishoofni ow ashoofa ela youm el3rs"

Mesha3el: "I CAN'T BELIEVE U SOMETIMES JAWAHER!!!" she yelled while shaking her head as she went to look for my mom

THAT'S RIGHT...."HE" won't be part of this night


Hope you guys enjoyed reading. Comments and criticism is welcomed because I want you guys to enjoy reading as much as possible.

- Ma7booba


Shushu said...

I love it ;D

saron28 said...

bedaya 7elwa :)

angel face said...

welcome to blogger sweetness !

This was a very interesting start , i look forward to reading more


Anonymous said...

abaiiihh 7abaiit il 8i9aa:D
oo maskeen "him" laish matabii ishoofhaa?!;p
bit3eesh ma3a shloon matabi itshoofa?!:P
yalla post sooon:**

Anonymous said...

i loved the story cnt wait for next post:*

Ma7booba said...

Shushu: glad you loved it...hope you always love it :*

saron28: mashkoora 7abeebti :*

angel face: thanks for welcoming me it means a lot honey, and thank you for ur lovely comment...i definitely will have fun writing you guys another post after reading all your comments:*

89: ana 7abaitich entai walla :* hahaha laish maskeen "him" mu yamken ekoun shereeer :P im working on a post and i will post bacher definitely :*

Manoora: I'm so glad you loved the story :* cant wait for u to read the next post too...bacher elmaw3id insh'allah :*

Anonymous said...

ahlaaan i loved it shakl el 8e9aa 3ajebaaaaaaaaaa post soon

um flfola