June 22, 2010

Reality 3

Asfa 3al ta5eeer....thanks for all your wonderful comments. Hope you enjoy this post :*

Me: ".....ummmmmmmm....aahhhhh" I couldn't find the right words so I started playing with my hands until all of a sudden I hear him chuckling.

agoolekum 3an his chuckle???

ya wailiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii minha....I melted right there and then...the sound of his laugh was so manly and sexy ...ya3ni athen etha boya sem3at his laugh bet'thooooooub lol....9adgooooni ...

I had to talk, la2na may9eer athel sakta....so I finally got to courage to ask him what he wanted to drink.

Me: "A9eblek chay, gahwa, lo 3a9eer?" (note: I was still avoiding looking at him)

Jaber: "Chay etha ma3alaich 2amr la2na ana amoot fil chay"

Me: "9jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj, ana ba3aaaaaaaad" I then bit my lip as I realized what I just said

He started laughing and said "Tara 3adi mafeeha shay if we have things in common, we are related after all fa la bod ena ekoun 3indina common likes/dislikes"

I giggled nervously as I handed him the cup of tea and that's when my eyes met his. My eyes dove into his, they were the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen in my entire life.


Let me tell you guys about his eyes...

He has almond shaped eyes that weren't too big not nor too small, they were the perfect size. His lashes are long mash'allah and thick which made his eyes breath-taking. Finally, the color of his eyes were magnificent, they were a mix of green and hazel. To be honest I don't think there are words that would describe the beauty of his eyes.

I was intrigued by his eyes, I was so into his eyes that and I had totally forgotten where I was until he cleared his throat.

So I tried to keep myself busy by pouring myself a cup of tea. We both started to sip our tea until he broke the silence.

Jaber: "Egoloon 5awati inich tadreseen bel jam3a, shno ur major?"

Me: "Art"

Jaber: "Mash'allah ya3ni fananaaa bent 3ami. Ya3ni et7ibeen tarsemeeeen?"

Me: "Atmana ini akoun fanana fi youm mn el ayam la2na ana mu bas a7ib elrasm ana a3shega" I said as I was "supposedly" taking a sip of tea

Jaber: "Laaa ana mit2akid inich fananaaa....ow 3ashan tathbeteen lee ena kalami 9a7 ra7 a5aleech tarsimini fl mukan eli enti et7ibeeena ow meta ma tabeeen" he said as he smiled his beautiful smile

His smile btw mu mthil eli eb de3ayat crest wela colgate, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
A7LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EB WAYD....chee he smiles revealing the majority of one side of his teeth, madri shloun aw9if lekum bas it sure is a nice smile...his teeth are very neatly aligned and pearl white mthel ma egolooon ....

3ala asas ma abi atzawejah lol ...

anywaaaaaaaaaaay back to the story

My jaw dropped after hearing what he just said ...I was taken by surprise by his proposition

Jaber: "I'll take that as a yes since elskoot 3alamat elretha"

Me: "...ummmm....bas"

Jaber: "La bas wala shay, ana basta2then men 3ami etha enti 5ayfa men hal shay"

Me: "E9eer khair insh'allah, le kol 7adthin 7adeeth..."

I quickly changed the subject and offered to pour him some more tea. Then I cut him a slice of our famous home made dates cake and served it to him.

Jaber: "Teslam yadich, mafi da3i etkalfeen 3ala nafsich ana a7i6 lee" he said smiling

Me: "Mafeeha kalafa ya wild 3ami...3alaik bel 3afya" I said as I smiled back

Jaber: "Allah e3afeech....You have a beautiful smile btw, you should smile more often"

I turned into a tomato LITERALLY...nazalt rasi men kthir ma kent mesta7ya ...

Jaber: "Asif, ma kent aq9id a7rijich...bas eli eb galbi 3ala lsani.....sam7iniii walla maq9id"

mskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 9a7....kesar 5a6riiiiiiiiiiii mn kithir ma ge3ad yet2asaf...

I changed the subject by offering him some arabic coffee since he had some sweets so he politely agreed and started telling me more about himself because it was obvious enough that if it was up to me I would remain silent the whole time.

He started to tell me about how he started to make some changes in his life. For instance he changed universities and he is no longer a full-time student because he wants to work and study at the same time in order for him to build himself up without referring to his father's money. He is trying his be to become as independent as possible. He also told me about he recently started to become closer to Allah by praying in the mosque almost all the time if nothing came in the way and that he stopped listening to music because its a sin.

I was listening carefully and examining his features as he talked proudly about his love for Islam and Allah and how he wishes to have a wonderful after life as a reward to his good deeds in this lifetime.

I must say, I was proud of him for trying to pray almost all his prayers in the mosque because that isn't something young men usually do these days, so that kind of made me feel relieved but what shocked me the most was when he asked me to do something if we decided to get married.

And at the moment, I wasn't sure if I liked what I had just heard.


* L said...

omg omg omg omg
what what what?!
i was so into the post and then bam!
ill have to hand it to you... great cliff hanger!!


Ma7booba said...

hehehe wait and see my sweet L

Im so glad u were into the post that means it didn't suck....
mashkoora 7abeebti 3ala ur comment wallah terfe3een men ma3naweyati...thanks a billion :*:*:*:*

* L said...

Awwww you dont have to thank me!
Your the one with the talent!!
And ofcourse your post did not suck! none of them do!
hehe i guess ill have to wait!!
bess im traveling on wednesday for about 4 days
How about another post be4 then :D *big puppy eyes *

hehe i kid! Write whenever you can 7abeebty !!

saron28 said...

7arram shakla 5osh wa7ed laish matabena :(
nice post :)

Shushu said...

Loved the post ;)

EE dayman chithee.. fee obstacles ;S

post asap please..

Anonymous said...

shinooooooooooo shgaaaaaaaaaal ??? loved the post post sooon

um flfola

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whens the next post?????
soooo hookeddd