June 16, 2010

Reality 2

This post is dedicated to saron28, Shush XD, angel face, Manoora, 89 and um flfola

I know I know you all want to know who "he" is but to know who "he" is I have to tell you who I am and how I ended with him in the first place.

May 2004

My name is Jawaher, I'm 19 years old and I'm the only girl between 5 boys bas el7amdellah Allah an3am 3alay ow mash'allah 3indi wayed cousinat ow om methil el'9ahab.

I'm a sophomore at art school because art means the world to me. Mesho is with me at the same university but she's an IT student, basically she is the person I turn to for anything that has to do with technology.

I am not the type of girl that's into dating because I just don't believe in that. I believe that if a guy is interested in me he should ask for my hand in marriage, then we can get to know each other and if we felt that we can get along on the long term then we can officially get married bdoon laf ow dawaran.

Plus, ana mn 3ayla mu7afitha jidan ow ahali ma 3alimooni 3ala yemeen ow yesaar. I'm not saying that they're strict to the extent that they won't let me go out with my friends, bl3aks em5alyeni 3ala ra7ti el7amdellah bas la2ni mu7a9ara eb 5 shabab fa 3alimooni inah akoon seeda ow gweeyah.

Mash'allah I have a lot of relatives but I barely know the guys who are related to me but like I said I'm very close to my cousins elbanat la2na kel yem3a el'3ada eb bait yadi, fa el7areem eb jeha ow elreyayeel eb jeha 3ashan el kel ya5ith ra7ta bas bain fatra ow fatra I bump into some of my guy cousins bel 7adeeqa bas ana abadan mu min noo3i ini asolif weyahum. Ya3ni mathalan etha sheft a7ad, agool elsalam wana mashya bdoon ma 7ata a6ali3 elsha59.

Fi youm min elayam yatni omi elghurfa ow chan itgooli abi akalmich eb mawthoo3 muhim.... ana hni fekra etwadini ow fekra etyeebni ow ge3adt a7ati enah sheno hal mawthoo3 eli tabi etgoola le omi

"Yuma Jawaher ana 7aba a5eth rayich ib sha'3la ow abeech itjawbini eb kel 9ara7a"

Ehni ana bela3t rejee mn el5ouf ow chan omi itla7ith ow tibtismlee wetgool "La ta7teen Jouja 7abeebty elmawthoo3 ma e5awif"

Me: "Tefathelay yal ghalya goolay sheno eb 5a6rich"

As I listened to what my mom was saying, I started to daze into lala land trying to digest what I just heard but I snapped back to reality when I saw my mom's hand waving to me

"Yuma Jawaher ishfeeech a7acheech ana?"

Me: ".....haa?"

"Agoolach wild 3amich Jaber metqademlech, eshrayich fee 7abeebty?"

Me: "....Umm, Yuma bas ana ma a3arfa. 7ata ma a3tiqid ini athkir shakla ! Ow yuma ana tawni e9'3eeera"

"Adri ya 7abeebty enich mat3arfeena 3adel bas ohma insh'allah ra7 eyoona elbait youm elathnain 3ashan tet3arifoun 3ala ba3ath...lat7ateeen ma ra7 nrid 3alaihum ela ba3ad ma t7iseen inich itra7teela ....eshgeltay?"

Its not like I had a choice!!!! Min wain 6ela3li hathaa

Me: "Eli tshofeena yuma"

My mom got up to hug me and kiss me. It showed she was extremely happy

"3afya 3alaich ebnayti wala ow 3eraft arabeech 3adil...Elyoum roo7ay entay ow Mesho elsoug 3ashan teshtereen lach shay talbeseena enzain 7abeebty?"

I nodded and kissed the crown of her head and with that she left me astonished.

I straight away looked for my phone because I had to call Mesho

6ooo6 6ooo6 6ooo6

Mesho: "Halla Jouj...."


Mesho "Allah ehadach Jouj eshfeeech kani radait 3alaich...3asa ma shar eshfeeech et9ar5een?"

Me: "Meshoo le7gay 3alaaaay wild 3ami metqademli"


Me: "AY WANASA MESHOOO ANA FINI EL BACHYAAA" and with that I started to cry

Mesho: "Jouuuuuuuuuuj 7abeeebty shhhhh hadi a39abich laish tabcheeen....is ur family forcing u to marry him? is that why ur crying?"

Me: "laaa..aaaa..."

Mesho: "3ayal laish tabcheen 7abeebty?"

Me: "I don't know the guy Mesho how can I possibly marry him?"

Mesho: "Enzain enzain calm down ana a7een yayitich ow netfaham 3ashan ma ra7 agdar afham 3alaich chitheee....masaft elseka wana akoon 3indich"

I love this girl...she always knows what I need


Mesho: "love you too, yalla ciao"

15 minutes later...

The door slams open and Mesho is running towards me with her arms wide open for me to hug her... We hugged and I started telling her everything that went on between me and mom so she started to calm me down and tell me that nothing has yet happened and that I shouldn't be panicking this much because it is my decision in the end.

So we decided to go shopping after she calmed me down and thank God I didn't have to look around for a long time and I was able to find the perfect dress to wear. Simple, elegant and most importantly decent.

The next day went by so fast that I felt Monday came by too soon.

The plan was that Mesho is going to pick me up to take me to get my hair done and then she'll be doing my makeup because I really didn't want to over do it. Ana lo 3alay asawi roo7i jaikara bas 3ashan e'3ayer ra2ya 3ani bas ma bel yad 7eela...

We decided I should have my long pitch black hair done in a simple ponytail in order for my hair not to cover the design on the shoulders. After getting my hair done we headed back to my place and Mesho started doing her magic. Mash'allah 3alaiha she was done in half an hour and I must say I was amazed at what she had done. I seriously didn't expect that I can look this nice but at the same time so simple and natural I really couldn't believe my eyes. My eyes were beautifully drawn with thick black eyeliner that made my eyes look much wider and lighter than usual. My lashes had at least two coats of mascara but damn that made my eyes just like the mascara adds. She applie peach blusher on my cheeks and lastly she applied a very hot coral shade of lipstick.

Just as I was admiring my final look I heard my door knocking...at that moment my heart skipped a beat

Me: "Tefathal"

Edna (elsha'3ala): "Jojo habeebty mama says come down now"

I nodded and turned to look at Mesho who was grinning like an idiot at me.

Me: "Mesho mu wagtich u grin at me walla ana 5ayfaaaa...eshrayich yal 7elwa tanzileen ma3ay 3ashan ichofoonich ow yen3ajboun feech ow ya56boonich intai?"

Mesho: "hahahahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahhahaha walla enich tha7aktini....a7een 3ogob ma ta3abt nafsi asaweech ajmal el jameelat itgoleen le matabeen tanzeleeen....gomay achoof hezili 6ooolich ow nezlay ....wela tabeeen agool 7ag 5alti inich tabeen 7abeeb elgalb ye93adlech 3ashan tg3doun ehni" she said as she wiggled her eyebrows at me

Me: "Mesha3el ow weya3 ...chub chub ...5ala9 2amri le Allah ra7 anzil...wish me luck Mesho I seriously need it"

She hugged me and kissed me and wished me luck.

I started to go down the stairs as slowly as possible, hoping not to trip and fall on my face. Just as I set my last step I said "Elsalam 3alaikum" without even looking anyone in the eyes. My mom approached me and started introducing me to his mother, his two sisters whom I already knew and loved (thankfully), and lastly "him".

We didn't exchange hand shakes because he is a bit religious and that was to my advantage because I was shaking like crazy, so I just said "Elsalam 3alaikum" without looking him in the eyes.

Rad 3alay el salam ow yaraita ma rad...his voice was 3athaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab....

"Yuma Jawaher laish ma tro7oon entai ow Jaber tg3doun bel 7adeeqa 3ashan ta5thoun ra7atkum"

I nodded and said insh'allah. I said "Tefathal" still avoiding his eyes.

In the garden my mother has set up a beautiful table with all sort of sweets along with tea and coffee. As we both took our seats, about 5 minutes passed by without me looking at him or uttering a word. Until all of a sudden he breaks the silence and says

"Ma ra7 it'thayfeeeni?"


* L said...

awwwww!!! i cant wait to find out what happens next!


Manoora said...

Aww cuteee i cnt wait for the next post i wanna know what happens:P
thx for the dedication:*

Anonymous said...

Inty Kwaitiya? la2ena lahjetch is more of a ba7raini lahja than kwaiti, mo chithi?;P

Anonymous said...

alllaah thnxx for the dedication;**
wayyy 7abait il post..oo the dress mashallah u have great taste in clothes;p
oo inshalla in men too;pp...yallla meta bitshre7een lina shakla?!
i wanna knw how he looks like;))
itha ma tabii ana a5tha minhaa looool;Pp
eheheh i was jst kidding;p
postt sooon pleasee
oo great post as usuall;**

saron28 said...

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ba3ad chabdey 3ala el dedicating 9ej enech ma7boba :***

is it your story ?
i love the post w i love u ?

Anonymous said...

awwww 7beebty thaaaaaaaaank you 3al dedication wanasaaaaaaaaa shloooooooon shaklaaaaaaaaaaa?? looool a7ishom 7adhom cute post soooooooooon

um flfola