July 4, 2010

Reality 5



Sha3oola slept over in order for us to go to uni together the next day. Since she is always over my place or I'm over her place we both have clothes at each others place.

After what seemed like ages I finally dozed off to sleep...

The next morning Mesho and I woke up to find the most delicious breakfast set on our kitchen table...everything delicious you can think of was set on the table...there were omelets, waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, jam, cheese, olives, labna, mmmmmmmmmmmm and the list goes on....I knew this was all my mom's doing, she wants to take my mind off of yesterday's events...I LOVE MY MOM she truly knows how to keep me happy....

Me: "YUMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A7IBICH TADREEEN...." I ran and gave her the biggest kiss ever and hugged her"AMOOOT FEEECH, ALLAH LA YA7RIMNI MINICH"

She laughed at how excited I was over food and said "Wala minich ya 7abibti...yalla 7abaybee eklaw 3adil entay ow sha3oola tara hatha kela lekoum 7abaybee"

Mesho & I: "Insh'allaaaaaaaaaaaah yal ghalya"

After our delicious breakfast we hopped into my car to head to uni ....

I was wearing this:

and Mesho was in this:

Classes went by smoothly and they kind of took my mind off of Jaber's proposal...I made a mental note to ask my closest brother Abdulwahab about what he thinks of Jaber in general because I know he will be extremely honest with me. (note: during the next post I'll mention my brothers in details)

After our classes were done I dropped off Sha3oola to her place and went back home. As I was making my way up the stairs I see Edna running towards me with a huge grin on her face..."Jawaher waaaaaait before you go up I want to tell you something"

Me: "What is it Edna?"

Edna: "I just wanted to tell you that something very nice is waiting for you in your room, don't worry nobody saw it" and with that she left

OKayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! That was weird...5alni ashoof sheno hal something eli etgool 3ana Ednooo

I practically run up the stairs to see what is waiting for me in my room and to my surprise I found the most beautiful bouquet set on my bed.

I loved the bouquet so much because it consisted of my favorite colors.

I was so overwhelmed with the bouquet that I almost forgot to see if there's a card to know who is it from...there was a tiny card I opened it and read the following:

"I saw these beautiful flowers and I couldn't help but think of you and your beautiful smile. Remember that you should always smile because you have a beautiful smile :)"

My heart skipped a beat because I knew exactly who they were from...

3eraftaw mn????????????


YUP THAT'S RIGHT, the one and only J..a..b..e...r.... !!!

I couldn't help but smile at how sweet that was and how surprising because the bouquet consisted of my favorite color...9edfa? yajooooz

I set the bouquet in a vase on my dressing table and just admired them.

I got up and changed into something more comfortable and went down to have lunch with my family. Family lunch is extremely important to my father and we MUST all be there when it's time for lunch unless dad has a meeting or something. I love our family lunch because we get to see each other and talk about what's been going on in our daily lives.
catch up with each other.

Dad: "Yuba Jawaher sha5bar eljam3a? Insh'allah ma nag9ich shay?"

Me: "El7imdellah yuba kil shay mashi tamam....ow el7imdellah dam rasik eshim el hawa ma nagi9ni shay, ent elkhair wel ebrika"

Dad: "7abibti hal ebnaya, dayman kalamah 3asal ow ebarid el galb"


We all burst out laughing .....that's always the case whenever my dad compliments me.

Dad: "Entaw el 5air wel ebrika ....entaw esnidi eb hal denya ow mali '3enah 3ankum bas Jawaher bnti elwa7eeda lazm adalilha" and he winks at me

We continued having our lunch and then my father and brothers went their separate while I sat with my mother to have our daily afternoon tea.

We started to chitchat while sipping on our tea and then my mother asked me the question I was dreading...

"Yuma Jawaher mageltili esh9ar ams ma3ach entay ow wild 3amich ow eshrayech fee?"

Me: "Abad yuma, bas ge3ad ekalimni 3an nafsa ow ert7tla bas...."

Mom: "Bas shino? Golay 7abibti eli eb5a6rich?"

Me: "Yuma ana madri etha inti 3indich 3ilm inah ohwa eshway metdayen aw la"

Mom: "Ee galatlee omah ams"

Me: "Eee fa ohwa kan esolifli ow chithi ow faja2ni la2na gali enah yabini at7ajab ow atnaqab etha qararna netzawaj"

My mother kept quiet for a while, it showed she was thinking. She suddenly puts her tea cup down and faces me completely.

Mom: "Sem3ini yuma...mthil ma enti tadreen fil islam mafrooth 3ala elbint tet7ajab laman to9al sin el rushd bas a7na 3umirna ma '3e9abnach 3alaih la2na ma ra7 ta5theen ajrah etha inti mu meqtan3a...ow ana mabeech et'thneen ini ga3da a7awil aqni3ich eb shrou6 wild 3amich bl 3aks, ana bas 7aba awathi7 lach ...ana agool damich irta7teela 9ali esti5ara ow ili rabich katba ra7 e9eer insh'allah ow ba3dain qariray etha 7aba tet7ajibain ow gen3i inah elneqab malah 3elaqa bel deeen....mabeech etfakreen walaw la7tha inah etha intai mawafqtay enah ana ow oboch ra7 nez3al la2na aham shay sa3adtich...inzain yuma"

I just nodded and hugged her "Mashkoura yuma"

"Walaw 7abibti, ana ma sawait shay ana ithimni ma9la7tich ya wa7iditi"

Me: "Inzain yuma ana atra5a9 a7een 3ashan 3alay assignments bagoom a5ali9hum"

Mom: "Allah weyach yuma, ow saway eli etfigna 3alaih"

Me: "Insh'allah" I kissed the crown of her head and went up to my room

The rest of the day went by fast because I was busy with my assignments.

Around 11 0'clock I felt sleepy so I thought now it's time for me to est5eeer before I sleep, and so I did.

I changed into my pajama's and went to sleep hoping to find an answer to my question.

"A7bich, laish mu rathya tfhemeeen?"

"Ana ba3ad a7ibik bas magdar magdar ...ili ta6liba wayed 9a3ib arjook 7awil tfhamni" I said sobbing

He got up to approach me and it seemed like he wanted to hug me but he didn't

"La tabcheeen....ga6a3ti galbi ma asta7mil ashoofich met'thayga ...5ala9 ana ma ra7 ajbirich 3alay shay ow kel wa7id yroo7 eb 6ereeja ow ana ma ra7 asheel 3alaich bl 3aks ra7 ad3eelich inah rabi yaktiblich kil 5air la2nich sij tistahlain kil 5air yal ghalya...Ma3asalama ya aghla mn sekan galbi"


He started to fade away as I screamed ....

"..to be continued"


Nawarii said...

so worth the wait........

Anonymous said...

Abaaaaiihh....o ba3daiinnnn?!!;p
inzaiin shil7al abii a3arf shi9eer?;(
hehehh na'3zaa dnt keep us waitingg;pp!

July* said...

cant waiit for the next post <3

* L said...

Eee 9idj it was worth the wait!!
and another dedication to me!! You spoil me too much!!! :D :D


saron28 said...

shno 7elm ???
madry shakteb bs great post :)

Anonymous said...

9a7! its worth the wait!
is it a dream???
la6awleen 3alana please post soon;p

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