July 10, 2010

TV Series

I LOVE LOVE LOVE American TV series. I actually have watched many over the past years.

Modern Family is the title of a comedy show that I currently started watching. It's hilarious and very different because the actors are acting as if they're in a reality show. I started to watch it because the series I watch are either over or on break now so I thought why don't I start watching something new. I totally recommend it if you guys are bored and are up for new shows. I love it because it's a 20 minutes show and it passes by so quickly.

I loved Ugly Betty but unfortunately it's over :( It was my favorite show out of the shows I watch because it was funny, touching and the story has an amazing moral. I can never get bored of it, I even watch the episode more than once. I miss you Betty Suwarez

I also watch Desperate Housewives. Let me tell you, this is an addictive show. ITS A MUST if anyone hasn't watched it yet.

Another show is Grey's Anatomy. I loved the show until they reached season 5 it started to get boring but then it got a little but better but still I feel it lost its touch. But still I do recommend it because the hot doctors lol.

I also watch Brothers & Sisters its nice as well because it illustrates the American family life and not the typical American family life.

What are some of the shows you guys watch? Any recommendations?


July* said...

I am an addict to TV shows as well.
from the shows u listed I watch ugly betty, and greys anatomy, and i use to desperate housewives, ill cheak out modern family.

SO i watch loads of shows, I like everything and ill jus post them and u see wat u like :P
Gossip Girl
Americas next top model
The vampire diaries
Drop Dead Diva
The mentalist
Accidentally on purpose (bt they cancled it =( but u shud still watch its so funny and adorable)
Cougar Town
Life Unexpected

ok i cant think of anything else, but im sure i have more shows (i tiold u am an addict :p)

Ma7booba said...

lol ur so like me btw...

I use to watch gossip girl but then I kinda got bored and stopped watching it and I also use to watch one tree hill and then i stopped cus again it got boring...

i use to watch drop dead diva but they stopped it...it was only one season:( i wanna know what happens

i watched gilmore girls which was amazing, dawson's creek, will & grace, friends akeeed, prison break but didnt finish it, the good wife, joey, hmmmmmm i dunno what else bas i use to watch so many, most of them are either over or stopped....i started watch eastwick it seems good...

i think ill start watching the mentalist and accidentally on purpose for now and ill check out life unexpected and cougar town...house madri if ill start watching it cus he annoys me sometimes HE IS MEAN LOL....

i love how we're sharing our addiction lol

thanks for commenting :*:*

July* said...

yay! im not an only addict :P
ooo n btw drop dead diva just started a second season! XD u shud cheak it out, i still dint :p

lool i like house cs of the medical stuff u knw, and yeah he can get mean heheh