July 5, 2010

Reality 6

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6ooo6 6ooo6 6ooo6 *alarm clock*


I woke up and found myself with sweat all over my forehead ...

Me: "A3ootho belah men el shai6an el rajeem bsm Allah alra7man elra7eeem" i kept on repeating the same sentence at least three times

I was dreaming....

I need to tell my mother ASAP....

I closed my alarm, it was 9 a.m. so I quickly got up, went to the toilet to do my business and then tewathait so I can pray the morning prayer. I went down and found my mother sipping on her morning tea.

Me: "9ba7ch Allah bel 5air yal ghayla" I said as I kissed the crown of her head

Mom: "9ba7ch Allah bel noor wl srooor 7abibti" she said smiling "Elryoog jahiz yuma roo7ay eklay"

Me: "Yuma ta3alay ge3day ma3ay wana atrayag, ma7ib ag3ad ebroo7i"

Mom: "Ghali wl 6alab r5eee9, yalla gomay"

We headed towards the table and my mother started to serve me what was on the table, as always, she loves to spoil me and my brothers. As she handed me the plate that was full of goodies, she noticed that I hardly touched my food and that my mind was somewhere else.

Mom: "Jawaher 7abibti eshfeeech matakleen? tabeen asaweelch shay thany?"

Me: "...ha? La la yuma bas mu meshtahya akel"

She puts down her tea cup and turns my face towards her "Jawaher goleeli shili sha'3el balich?"

I sighed.

Me: "Wala madri shagoolach yuma bas ams bel lail gabl ma anam sawait eli etifaqna 3alaih ..."

Mom: "Ow ba3dain? Shefti shay eb manamich?"

I nodded.

Mom: "Goleeli esh sheftay?"

So I started telling her that I was with Jaber and it seemed that we were in love and I was so happy and I was laughing but then all of a sudden he starts to ask me why I'm not covered up like he asked me to and that it led us to fight. I told her how I was hurt and how I felt miserable when he left me after telling me how much he loves me and that I didn't want him to leave.

Mom: "Sim3ini yuma, ana ma3arf afasir ela7lam wayd bas ana yetrawali mn kalamich inich etha as3adti ow sawait ili yabeeh ra7 etkoneen sa3eeda ma3ah...ya3ni 3ala elaqal etha te7ajabtay ra7 ykoon '9ameerich merta7 ow ham entay ra7 etkoneen merta7a ma3ah...ana ra7 as2alch akthar ow astafsir lech bas ana galbi igoleee enah ohwa ra7 e9oonich la2na rayal dayen ow 5ayef rabah ow 5alooq mash'allah 3alaih ow shayel nafsa ebnafsa ...7ata matla7theen ishkithir 5awata e7iboona ow dayman ymd7oona...la2na ohwa mu emga9er 3alaihum...shoofi 7abibti ana agool fakray entay akthar ow s2lay e5wanich ow oboch 3an rayhum ow b3dain qareray 3ashan hathee 7ayatich bl a5eer"

Me: "Mashkoura yuma, ana a9lan gayla ini ra7 as2al wahabi 3ana la2na ohma eb nafs el3umr taqreeban...yalla yuma 3an ethnich baroo7 abadil 3ashan aroo7 eljam3a. Ma tamreeni 3ala shay yal ghalya?"

Mom: "May2amir 3alaich 3ado 7abibti, abi salamtich...roo7i Allah weyach"

I kissed her cheek and went up to get ready for uni.

As I was changing I started to think about what my mother said, and how she could be right about the 7jab issue. I mean it is something I want to pursue eventually but I never thought I'd wear it at a young age, I was thinking I'd wear it after I graduate from uni.

After going through my closet, I settled on this:

I put my hair up into a messy bun, applied minimal makeup (peach blusher, mascara and a coral lipstick).

As I was going down the stairs I called Wahabi and we agreed to have a talk about Jaber after lunch since we're both free.

I hopped into my car and called my other half.

Calling Mesho...

6oo6 6oo6 6oo6....


Me: "Hala beeech 7abibti, sha5barich?"

Mesho: "Ana tamammmmmmmmm, enti shlonich??"

Me: "Ana eb5air, yalla 10 minutes wakoon 3indich"

Mesho: "Okie dokie, ciao bella"

I laughed as I said "Ciao"

I picked Sha3oola and we were on our way to uni. I didn't mention the este5ara to her because I knew that I won't be able to tell her everything in details before our classes so I decided to wait till we're done with classes.

Surprisingly the day went by so fast, as if Allah knew how bad I wanted to share my feelings with Mesho. We usually hang out in the garden area to chit chat about how are classes went since we only have two classes in common. We went to our spot and I was so nervous I didn't know how to start the conversation.

Mesho: "Jouj feech shay? Ana 7asa fi shay ib galbich widich itgoolena. I'm all ears tara" she said smiling

This girl knows me too well

Me: "Okay bagoolach bas mabeech itga63ini la2na ma ra7 akamil elsalfa etha ga6a3tini, ok?"

She said okay as she acted as if she is zipping her mouth shut.

I couldn't help but laugh at her. She then gestured for me to start talking.

So I told her everything from A-Z, the prayer, the dream, the conversation with mom.

Me: "What do you think?"

Mesho: "I think you should do what your heart tells you to do because in the end it is your life. Don't let anybody's words get to you. Base your decision on your thoughts and instincts."

Me: "You're right, but I still want to ask Wahabi what he thinks because he knows me very well and I'm sure his words will comfort me"

Mesho: "Yeah there's no harm in taking your brother's opinion"

Me: "But you know what, I think I already made my decision"

Mesho: "SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" she said with her eyes almost popping

Me: "You heard me"

...."to be continued"

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Anonymous said...

Holaa senioraaaa:D
I just read ur whole blog and im inlove with it keep up ur grear writing and plz post fast:$
Love youu:*


Ma7booba said...

ur comment made me so happy, thnks a billion ow insh'allah the next post tomorrow....love u more ya a7la N'7, thanks for reading :* pls continue reading

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nice template :D

Ma7booba said...

7abiiiiiiibti mashkouraaaaa :* I'm so glad ur in love with the story. It loves u back:*
I'll post tmw insh'allah
Love u moreee

saron28 said...

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx ba3ad galby :** tadren entay awal wa7da ketbat esmy fog :D
awalan mabrok 3ala elnew look :)
thanyan elpost perfect i love ur story
thalethan ketabatech 7lwa mafeha shay mo nage9ha shay wala zayedha shay temay methel ma entay :*****
u r to good to be true ;p

thanx for posting c ya :**

Anonymous said...

shinoooooo her decision????
thanks for posting 7bebty post soon

um flfola

July* said...

OMG! im loving the story! its keeps getting better!!!
thank uu for the post
cant wait 4 the next one

July* said...

oh and i forgot 2 add, its really awesome tha u post the pics of what they wear, makes the story and characters more real XD

Anonymous said...

Thxx for the dedication !! love u!;p
i am soooo eager to know whats her decision!!!!!!
post asap

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Thhankkyouuu for not keeping us waitingg;*****
i loved the postt... The detailss and everythig in ur posts are great dont change a single thingg!! Walla mo ga3 ajamel;)!
bas ako shay mo fahmtaa...jaber 6elab minh inha tilbas both 7jab and niqab...laken she's jst talking abt the 7jab and wearing it...she's not going wear the niqab?
Srry gargtt wayeed;pp

Ma7booba said...

saron28: 7ayati testahlain akthar ... thaaaaaaanks im glad u like the new look :* el7imdellah im glad u think its perfect the way it is ...walla intay eli too good to be true...u and ur amazing words :*:*

um flfola: next post ull know 7abeebti:* ...ur welcome 7abeebti ow inshallah ill post as frequent as possible 3ashankum :*

July*: IM LOVING U 3ALA KALAMICH....thank u so much for ur words im so glad u think im getting better el7imdellah...im glad u like the pics i hope you all do enjoy them....honey the story and characters are real :*:*

Manoora: 7ayati entay testahlain akthar.... love u more...heheh im eager for u guys to know as well...ill post asap insh'allaaaaah


1. never ever ever apologize for talking bl3aks ana amoot mn elwanasa if u guys tell me what u think

2. ur comment has made me smile like an idiot for the whole day...thank u for that my love...

3. to answer ur question yes jaber asked her to wear both bas she is hoping she can convince him to over look the niqab... :*:*