July 8, 2010

Reality 7

This post goes out to all my beloved readers, thanks for encouraging me. I love u all:*

Me: "Inzain yalla gomay 5alnamshi la2na ma bagy shay 3ala wagt el '3ada yadowb awa9lich ow aroo7 baitna"


Me: "I'm not going to tell you now I still need to talk to Wahabi until I'm 1000% sure believe me you'll be the first to know, even before my mother. Now lets get going I don't wanna be late. MOVE IT"

She stared at me angrily and I could have sworn I saw steam coming out of her ears....lol

Mesho: "pffffffffffft....FINE!!! I'll forgive you for now but believe I won't forget this, you owe me!"

Me: "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK...insh'allah 3amiti"

I dropped Sha3oola back home and sped off to my house. I didn't want to be late in respect to my father.

Lunch went well and after lunch each of us was off to doing their usual routine, mom and I having our afternoon tea and the men were back to doing whatever they were doing. I was started to feel disappointed because it seems that Wahabi forgot about our little meeting.

All of a sudden...

Abdulwahab: "Yuma itha ma3indich mani3 be'3ait Jawaher fi sha'3la" he said smiling

Talk about the devil..

Mom: "Laa 7abibi ma 3indi mani3, gomay yuma shofay eshyabi o5och minich" she said as she patted my hand

I nodded and said "Insh'allah"

We headed out to the garden to have our privacy.

Abdulwahab: "Yalla Jawaher I'm all ears, golay eli ib 5a6rich"

Me: "Wala madri shloun abdaa2....mthel ma enta tadri wild 3ami Jaber mtqadimli ow ana kilish ma a3arfa 3adil ow ohwa 3inda shroo6 ishway 9a3ba ow ana 7abait a5ith rayik feeh ow fil salfa kiliha"

Abdulwahab: "Laaaa mash'allah 3alaih Jaber rayal ow men a3az elnas 3ala galbi ow mash'allah e5af rabah ow e9oom ow e9ali taqreeban kl farth bl masyad ow ma3inda 7arakat kilish and I'm not just saying that 9j ohwa rayal seeeda...ana el9ara7a atmana ena ekoun raylch 3nda mn a5laq Jaber bas fil a5eeer elqarar qararich 7abibti...."

I kept quiet because I was just listening to what he was saying and trying to assure myself that the decision I have in mind is hopefully a good one.

Abdulwahab: "Ela ta3alay, ma geltili shino ohma shroo6 Jaber?"

Me: "Ummmmmmmmmmmmm....yabini at7ajab ow atnaqab"

My brother didn't see that coming it showed...his jaw literally dropped ! Then he started to rub his head as if he was trying to show me that he was in deep thought.

Abdulwahab: "Faja2tini el9ara7a, ana adri inah ohwa dayen bas matiwaqa3t inah ya6lib menich it'3a6ain..ya3ni tit7ajbeyan bengool ma3laih la2na shay mafrooth 3alaich a9lan bas neqab mara wa7da...9a3ba! Ma agdar at9awar e5ti 7abibti metnaqba ow eb hal 3mr...a9lan ana dayman at6anaz 3ala hal ninja's eshloun e5ti it9eer wa7da menhum"

I couldn't help but crack up on the word ninja...My brother started to laugh with me and I am sure he did that because he didn't want me to think about anything...at that moment I didn't know if I was laughing at my brother's joke or the situation I was put in ...

Abdulwahab: "Okay seriously, tell me how do you feel about the whole situation"

I started to tell my brother how I felt and how he seems like a good man and that I'm sure he will hopefully take good care of me especially that I'm related to him and from what I understood from my mother and his sisters that he is very family oriented which is great. I told my brother that I don't mind marrying him but I need to tell him how I feel, so I asked my brother to give me his permission to have a talk with Jaber.

Me: "Etha ent ma 3indik mani3 ana widi tagool 7ag oboy inah ana abi ag3ad ma3a Jaber wagoola rayi ib shroo6a...kalim Jaber ow gola etha ohwa ma 3inda mani3 5alah eyeena elbait 3ashan narsi 3ala barr la2na ana adri inah omy ra7 tez3al etha refa'9t bdoon ma afakir 3adil bil mawthoo3"

Abdulwahab: "Ma 3indi mani3 bl 3aks fikra wayed zaina...5ali el mawthoo3 3alay ana bakalim elwalid ow Jaber ow may9eer 5a6rich el 6ayeb ya i5ti il3azeeza"

I gave him the biggest smile ever and got up to hug him "MASHKOOR YA A7LA A5 BEL DENYA"

Abdulwahab: "Ga9ri 7isich la ya7sidoona i5wanich el3uthaal...5o tadreen i'3aroon men 3elaqatna"


And with that we each parted, going back to our concerns

I headed back to my room only to find a billion messages from Sha3oola nagging me about my decision and when I let her know what it is...This girl is crazy seriously, ma3indiha 9abr

I texted back saying "Egoloon el9abr mfta7 elfaraj;)"

In less than a minute I got a text back... "HA HA HA...nesait ath7ak yal sa5eeefa!!! 5ibrich ana mawloda eb sab3at ash'hir mafini 9abr :P"


I answered her back saying "Kel shay eb wagta 7ilo ya 7ilo :*"

"FINE FINE!!! I'll be patient but remember you owe me...muhahahahahahhaha"

I put my cell down and decided to have a shower attempting to relax myself...

I started to fill up the tub with all sorts of essential oils, I hopped into the tub and the smell of the oils and candles was just perfect and with Bu Noora singing in the background everything was perfect, nothing could ruin my mood.

As I was laying in the tub I couldn't help but think of Jaber and his gorgeous light eyes.

When I was lost in his eyes I could tell that there was some sorrow and pain in them. I wonder what is hurting him?

I started to think of my decision and whether I should go ahead with it or not. I don't want to rush into any decision, because marriage is for life !!!

يا رب اشرح لي صدري ويسر لي امري

I kept on repeating that sentence at least 10 times...I'm really scared I really don't want to do anything and regret it later, elmas2al mu sahlaaa...

I just hope nothing goes wrong with my plan and I get to talk to him.

20 minutes later I decided to get out of the tub and start working on my paper for tomorrow's class. I changed into something comfortable and put on my thinking cap.

As I was busy writing up my paper I suddenly heard my door knocking.

Me: "Tefathal"

It was my brother Abdulwahab.

Abdulwahab: "Jawaher ana kalamt oboy ow Jaber ow ma kan 3indihum mani3...bacher ra7 eyeena Jaber elbait 3ogob 9alat el3a9r, okay?"

Me: "BACHER?????"



July* said...

i cant waiit till they meet each other!!!!!
thnx for the post it was awesome as always

Ma7booba said...

I cant wait for you to see what happens...
7abibti thank u for commenting ...inti el awesome as always :*:*

saron28 said...

one word

P E R F E C T :)

Ma7booba said...

7ayatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thank you....inti el PERFECT

Munirah said...

OMGG! i cnt wait!
i am so eaaagerrrr to knowww
please post soooonnn;p

Munirah said...

OMGG! i cnt wait!
i am so eaaagerrrr to knowww
please post soooonnn;p

Anonymous said...

mota the next post walla 3ajeeb

Anonymous said...

neeext neexxtt ooo wa7daa thanyaa...NEEXT!;p
manii gadra a9berr!
the post as usuall was GREATT keep 'em comiin:D